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Are you are looking to recruit some highly trained schoolteachers for your schools?

Lord and Barth Educator consultancy is a cost efficient and effective source for recruiting experienced foreign teachers for permanent or short-term placement with a school. We are a low-cost provider of complete and flexible recruitment options to schools and school districts. We are consultants to employers and foreign professionals looking to work in the US. Our mission is to support diversity, interchange of knowledge, and mobility of labor to any school district in America where expertise, and equal opportunity are valued. Our teachers are mostly from Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand/Australia. Prospective employers will have access to our database on the candidates.

We seek to cultivate collaborative relationship with schools and school districts looking to hire well-trained foreign national educators. We can help them find teachers in shortage areas across the world. Notify us of your current position openings. We want to remain responsive to your district, and individual school staffing needs. So, keep us in your mailing list. 



Our consultants follow the selection process:


-Obtain and review personal data, and professional curriculum vitae of our applicants


-Conduct telephone, online, or physical conferencing with our consultants as necessary


-Analyze candidate's educational preparation, teaching experience, and career goals


-If short-listed, provide the teacher with information/resources to help him/her prepare for the teaching duties and American culture


-Conduct foreign teacher credentials evaluation through an independent foreign credentials evaluation agency


-Assist in teacher licensure, visa, and relocation processes; keep in contact with candidate until he/she arrives the school


-Our consultants are teacher educators. We are aware of the potentials of the short-listed teachers and are able to guide them until they step at your school doorstep.


We encourage you to get in touch with us to review our dossier on our applicants. Some of our highly qualified teachers are looking for districts or schools for sponsorship for long-term placement in your schools.  Please, send us an email if you or someone you know would like to review our dossier and support some of our candidates who would otherwise not be able to complete the placement process. 


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