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Getting Involved

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Most employers of education professionals or teacher recruiting agencies will first ask you, "Are you a certified teacher?" Therefore, it will be in your best interest if you can answer, "YES" at that time!  An additional question would be about your immigration status.

The process of securing a professional credential to teach in the US is an elaborate one. Each state board of educator licensure operates differently, and some will issue temporary (interim) licenses for you to practice, once you enter the U.S., until you can sit for the state required certification examination.  In most cases, it will be impossible for you as a foreign trained educator to enter the U.S. for employment in an educational setting without first having your educational records evaluation for possible issuance of educator licensure. The written evaluation of the professional credentials is done by designed agencies that are qualified to evaluate foreign credentials and transcripts. Some states issue temporary licenses to education professionals outside the continental USA. Some states require Praxis tests for master certification; some may require the candidate to take a few additional college courses. The later is the alternative route. The candidate can then be granted a full/master license upon completion of in-service alternative certification program. If an alternative certification courses are not available in a college where you will reside, a few alternative certification programs are available through distant education. In one or two states, a formally trained and certified teacher with graduate degree(s) and several years of teaching experience may be provincially considered for reciprocity license (5-year full certification). We will review your case and advise you accordingly. Our consultants are educators; so, we are able to guide you until you step at your employer-school doorstep. Please, follow all of the instructions carefully.




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Why teach in USA?


Why the specified employer/state?


Which employers did you apply to (both offers and rejects)?


Show me your teacher certification and employment letter.


Where did you Undergraduate from?


Is anyone accompanying you on the visit?


What is your family's income?


Who will finance your travel?


What does your father do?


How many people are in your family and what are your ties to them?


Do you have any relatives in USA? 


Show your Pass Books/Bank statements.


What is your Undergraduate GPA/Percentage?


Tell about your education and teaching experience.


How much do you know about American education and the public school culture?


Tell me how/can you prove that you are gonna come back ...


Where did your brother/parents completed their studies?


What's your Religion?


Why are you leaving your current job?