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One major goal of L&B Schoolhouse is to assist in providing solutions for professional development needs of educators through our Visiting Schoolteachers Program (the VST Program). The VST Program is to support international teachers in sharing and shaping their professional skills, knowledge, and work experience in the United States. Numerous foreign teachers have shared with us the disillusionment of not being able to realize their professional aspiration of work visit to the US owing to the perceived complexity of the securing a teaching position, and the US visa process or, we are told, the prohibitive costs frequently incurred in steering US visa applications to fruition. However, the VST Program came to be due to the widespread shortage of qualified teachers in some school subjects in many areas of the country, and the expanding demand for cultural exchange across cultures. Thus, the program provides the opportunity for increased awareness of global diversity of ideas, values, worldviews, and ways of life.  The VST Program is also open to US-based teachers (schoolteachers and teacher trainers) who want to go overseas to hold teacher workshops. 


L&B Schoolhouse, in collaboration with overseas associates, provides personalized services to foreign national teachers seeking employment in the United StatesWe source, and prepare foreign teacher candidates who want to teach in the USA schools. We offer guidance to candidates in foreign transcripts evaluation, certification, and school job placement. We handle the teachers' immigration paperwork, and guide teachers until they arrive US.  Specifically, we are looking to place Mathematics, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Special Education teachers.

Placement through the VST Program offers you, the teacher, the same salary as if you were a US teacher. The salary will depend on your education and experience.



L&B Schoolhouse seeks candidates who have passion for teaching, commitment to student learning, and excitement about cultural exchange!

To participate in the VST Program you must:

1. Be fluent in English.

2. Have earned a university degree equivalent to a US bachelor's degree—including completion of a teacher preparation program

2. Be certified to teach in your country of nationality or last legal residence

3. Be an experienced teacher with three or more years of teaching experience in your subject area.

4. Intend to come to the US for full-time teaching

5. Have, or able to acquire a driver's license

6. Be able to obtain a clear criminal record certificate from your country of nationality or current country of residence

We place qualified candidates in schools that need them to create a unique professional learning experience for students, faculty, and exchange teachers. Qualified teachers interested in joining the program should contact us to arrange to submit placement dossier. E-mail your resume today for details:





General steps for overseas teachers in the VST Program include:


1. The teacher can apply for our program through one of our overseas associates, or direct to us, if there is none in teacher's part of the world. First, send your resume to us and complete our applicant Information sheet.


2. Qualified candidates who passed the initial review will be mailed application materials for official evaluation of academic transcripts and teacher certification. The teacher candidate is responsible for any fees that may be charged by credentials evaluation/translation agencies, law firm (if applying for H visa), and government departments in processing the various segments of the candidate's application- such as official evaluation of foreign transcripts, teaching licensure, and visa petition. The candidate can pay our placement fee once they start work.  


After you obtain your official teaching license, we will be responsible for the following:

 3.  The next thing is to secure a teaching position. We will do a statewide job search for you in your area of licensure and organize job interviews for the candidates with the school districts; and we will give you instructions on how to answer the questions at the interview.


 4. With your teaching license and job offer from a school. We will file a USA visa petition for you. 


5. Your arrival to USA to start work, full fee for our service due.

(For detail on steps, visit our web site: If you have additional questions, e-mail us).




Submissions for Your Placement File


A complete placement file will include the following items:

1. Professional resume


2. Three letters of references


3. Personal letter To the School Principal


4. Photocopies of all academic degrees, teaching certificates, and passport/national identity


5. Results of the qualifying tests- Praxis scores, and TSE scores (or another English proficiency test, if not a native English speaker) if already taken






Professional resumes, personal letter to the prospective principal and positive letters of references are crucial components of each file. Without these from the appropriate sources, we will be unable to assist you. Please send one copy of your current resume on plain white paper. Theories about resume writing vary considerably. However, we encourage our teacher candidates to focus the content of their resumes on experiences that relate to education, essentially those that convey their essential skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to work with K-12 students.


The most effective letter of reference is one, which either speaks in detail about the teacher's academic abilities, or provides a positive evaluation of the candidate's schoolwork experience.  The letters of reference (letters of recommendation) should come from professional sources and should include at least one superintendent, principal, or other official in one of the school districts/boards of education where you have been employed. The letters should be printed on school, or school board letterhead.


Your personal letter To the School Principal should highlighting your qualifications, career accomplishments, goals, and any other thing you may want to say that jusfies your candidacy.


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